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The owner of the Nursery is Peter Wild. Peter Wild has some 30 years of experience in all aspects of tree moving and is very well known within the horticultural industry. His expertise also extends to the operation of plant and equipment involved in the moving and storage of mature trees. We can supply and plant a wide range of mature trees and have performed work for numerous private companies and government agencies.Including the Sydney 2000 Olympics Venue, Hong Kong Disneyland, Lang Park Brisbane. Randwick Racecourse, Fox Movie Studios and the Sydney Botanical Gardens, just to name a few.


Once you have selected your tree our highly trained staff will start the process. Our specialist machinery will load your tree onto our trucks.

Once you have selected your tree from the nursery, we will do the rest. Your tree will be transported using our specialist equipment. Your Tree will be loaded carefully onto one of our trucks ready for transport.

Our fleet of trucks can diliver your tree safetly If required we can even transport trees for overseas locations.

Our highly trained staff can get your tree delivered and installed safely.

We can arange for your trees to be moved by barge to those hard to get to..locations

Cranes and other machinery can be used to re-locate your new tree.

All care and saftey regulations are followed. We can arrange to have your tree delivered nearly anywhere.

We can offer advice in preparation for the transplanting of your new tree.

In readyness for replanting. Your tree is delivered safe and Sound and ready to be enjoyed.

For further photos of our work, please visit our Gallery Page or to find out more visit the Transplant Industries website.

We can supply a large range of trees including fig trees. Port Jackson Fig ( ficus rubiginosa ) ,
Hills Fig ( ficus hillii ), Moreton Bay Figs ( ficus macrophylla ). We also supply various palm trees
which include , Date Palms ( phoenix canariensis ), Livistona Palms ( livistona australis ),
Kentia Palm ( howea forsteriana ) and other varieties of mature trees in large pots like,
Maple Trees, Frangipanni Trees, Crepe Myrtle Trees, Magnolia Trees ( evergreen and deciduous )
Dracaena Draco Trees and Tuckeroo Trees, to name but a few.

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